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Thursday, July 28, 2005

To the Moon and Beyond!

Somehow, since making an elementary school space book I have turned into a conspiracy theorist when it comes to space talk. This all came about from looking for specific photos of things that happened on the moon. Supposedly, some astronaut made up a bounding technique for getting around on the moon, but oddly there's not one single picture of it anywhere. Not even on the NASA website. I've searched and searched for information, and all I've found were more people that I agreed with. For example, why does the flag wave on the moon when there's no wind? Why are there no stars in the pictures from the moon? and why isn't anyone freaking bounding?! It seems that some people think that we've never even really sent anyone to the moon and that it's all a hoax. Really though, why was that the only time they've been able to do it? How come with all our new technology they can't make it work now? I'm starting to feel like it's all just a lie. Read one conspirators thoughts, and read NASA's - see what you think. And if anyone has a licensable photo of someone bounding on the moon, please tell me where to find it.


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