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Sunday, August 28, 2005


OK, so I know all my friends believe me when I say I hate my car, but I've found a sort of support group out there that proves I'm not the only one. This website made me feel so much better about hating my car, not to mention that it's hilarious (maybe just to me), and hopefully it will keep unsuspecting idiots like myself from buying an eclipse. My car has fading paint (it's a 2002), the cruise control only works right if you fidget with the wires in the back, and the sunroof doesn't always like to work. I'd really like to drive it off a cliff. And I used to date someone with the exact same car and they had more problems than me. That picture isn't my car, although if the paint keeps fading it might look like that color! Needless to say, don't get an eclipse! EVER!!! Look at the website though, it's funny.


Blogger misty said...

I drive an Eclipse 4 years older than Stephanie's. And although the motor that retracts the top has had to be replaced ($$$!) and the retractable antennae no longer works, and the panel where the door locks are has fallen into the door twice, I still love my car. I have to, because I will be driving it for at LEAST 3 more years. And then it will be 10 years old :)

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