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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Now Hiring: Bums

ok, so obviously Stephanie has a bigger heart than I because I see those bums we drive by and think, "get a job!" but then I think, wait, he has a job- begging for money, and there's plenty of reasons for him to be content with his "job." Plenty of respected folks beg for money for a living- non-profits, politicians, churches. I mean he doesn't have a bad deal going on there. He probably makes as much money as I do or more an hour, yeah he has to stand out in the heat, but he can wear whatever he wants to work. Like me he doesn't get paid vacation or sick days, but he gets to take breaks or vacation whenever he pleases. He's what most people call "self-employed," but he doesn't have to answer to the man, no W-2s or taxes. It's really not a bad deal, but I'm still not giving him any money. I did want to offer that bushy haired guy we saw a smile though when I saw his other sign that read, "Family killed by ninjas, saving for kung-fu lessons." ha. gotta love a funny bum.


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