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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My (Fur)Baby

My Saffy's birthday is Friday, March 23rd!! After her contaminated dog food eating scare, I'm happy to say she'll live to see 3. OK, maybe part of it was me being the freaked out dog mom, but my dog is never that lethargic. Apparently she needed a $200 blood test to pep her up. All that extra blood weight she was carrying around or something. Or maybe when she met the Boxer with the Q-tip stuck in his ear she realized that she didn't have it so bad. Either way, she's celebrating on Friday, and then again on Saturday with Matt for his birthday :o) I got her this cute little dress as her birthday present. It will look much cuter on her than it does on this little dog cause we all know that pink on blondes is hot ;o) And you can scoff or laugh if you want, but I'm creative and fun, and I think my dog can have a birthday present if I want her to!


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