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Monday, April 30, 2007

Tread wearing thin

I think that for all of us getting ready for Barbara's wedding, especially Barbara, our tread is getting a little stressed out. Much like the tread on my Reef's. I remember being in New Orleans a few years ago (I think that's where we were) and everyone talking about how their flip-flops were super slippery and I was so proud that my Reef's had excellent traction on the wet ground. Well, today my satisfaction has worn out because I busted my ass twice today. In public. Let me go back to the beginning. So my bridesmaid dress is about 4 times too big up top. According to Alfred Angelo I am much smaller in the chest than is "normal." I took my dress home to get my mom to do a rush job of taking it in. In the process of multiple try on's I got something that we will say is lip gloss on the dress. I tried to wash it off and now I have lip gloss and a big water stain on the front of my dress. While walking up to the front of Randall's (where the dry cleaner I go to is) I totally slipped and fell down tearing a hole in the knee of my jeans. This is the 2nd pair of jeans that I have ripped a hole in the knee of falling down. At least I wasn't drunk. I did my best to jump up real quick, but the ground was so slippery that I couldn't balance. Once inside the dry cleaner looks at it and says "did you try to wash this off with WATER?!" and I was like, "uhh...yeah (did he think I used OJ or ginger ale or something?) and I uhhh... got more water on it outside so I guess you have to get that out too" so then he stares at it for a couple of seconds that felt like forever before saying "well...sometimes when you use water the fabric is just ruined when you go to press it." Basically he went on to tell me all would be ok with the dress, but I really think fate wants me to be naked at this wedding so who knows? Then I went to HEB to pick up a prescription and walking in I slipped AGAIN on the slippery white part of the cross-walk. Ha, and people think cross-walks are safer when crossing the street! Not today! Until I can get some flip flops with better tread I'm staying in the house when it rains.

Oh, and if anyone remembers BJ from New Orleans - he's on my MySpace now.


Blogger Rachel said...

Yesterday was so that day for me too. I didn't rip any clothes but did manage to spill chicken salad and then yogurt on myself and important papers on my desk. And then I accidentally the switchboard for my computer and turned it off in the middle of something I had spent a TON of time working on. Sigh. I totally had a case of the Mondays :).

8:49 AM  

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