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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Get me an Ark!

Want to know what's scary? When you think you're the last person in the building and there's a storm-a-brewin' and the lights go out during your counseling session with a kid. Then, to make matters worse, the dad is like "I think everyone needs to get out of here now!" and then the other counselor who was in the building jets and you're the last person there trying to figure out if you should clean the room or run, and then you have to try to turn everything off and lock-up like normal all while you think you're going to blow away. OK, so that was scary, but then driving home when I was on the toll road overpass the water was blowing UP onto the toll road so it was coming down on me, sideways, and it was also sort of cresting over my car in wave fashion. I probably almost wrecked staring at the wave of water coming up over the toll road. All the while I kept thinking about how the scrolly thing at the bottom of the tv had said to take cover before I left to go counsel. Oh, and I really need new windshield wipers. Rough night!


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