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Friday, October 05, 2007

Let me see if i can explain it correctly...

I've been reading a book that I picked for a client, because I figured I should read it before I recommend it. The only problem with that is that my client will be done with me before I'm done with the book. I've probably seen her since April now, and she's doing so well (ah yes, my fine counseling skills at work) so we've started her coming every other week. It's ok though because in the last week I've gotten two new clients. It's like the mail, the people never stop coming. Anyhow, even though I haven't been able to recommend this book to her, I'm able to share ideas from it with her. It is amazing because of course since this whole counseling gig I know that your feelings are your own. Someone can't MAKE you sad or mad. They do something, and you react with those feelings. Your feelings aren't owned by anyone. Anyhow, the concept that I want to share, is that your feelings are your intuition, or your guide. If someone makes you cry more often then not, then that is your intuition that this person shouldn't be in your life. If you think back to bad relationships...remember the earliest sign that this person was going to screw you over. Yet, as people we think we can work anything out. This book says that if you don't just have that connection then you will never be able to work it out, no matter how hard you try. It isn't giving up, so much as making a good decision, when you follow your intuition to end a relationship. Now, if you're thinking that you want to get rid of all your friends and boyfriends, etc. right now, maybe you aren't applying this in the way I'm thinking. Or maybe you choose a lot of bad people to be in your life, which is a pattern that denotes something about you. Either way, I think this is all really interesting and I wanted to share the idea.


Blogger Something's Gotta Give said...

I really like that idea. It really puts the control back in your own hands and proves that our intuitions/emotions aren't just crazy. (o:

9:16 AM  

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