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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have an idea for a great way to start off the new year for all of us non-smokers. Our resolution should be to quit smoking! Sound crazy? Yes. But, how good would it feel to call the ACS Quitline and sign up for the counseling service and then when you call the first time you get to tell the counselor, "well, I already quit actually" and they congratulate you, and encourage you to find ways to stay quit, full knowing they think you might slip sometime in the next week. The next time they call you, when you're still quit, then they really think you're doing a great job. I think it would be great to have support and congratulations on some of the good things we're already doing. My next resolution will be to finish grad school. CONGRATULATIONS! I've already done that too!!! Having two big things knocked off my list will make the other things that I'll potentially not finish seem like just one small thing uncompleted. This new year is already seeming easier just thinking about all of the resolutions I've finished early! You've got to look at the donut, not the hole!


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