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Friday, July 18, 2008

I heart this shoe

I keep stalking the aisles of DSW, Shoe Pavilion and other such shoe stores hoping to find a black low-top shoe that I can run in. Actually one that I can chase kids in. There are a few Sketcher options that I like, but I need to figure out if they would look ok with shorts and capri's. Next, I keep running into this pair of New Balance running shoes. I looove them, but they are like $70 and I have no idea if I loooove them that much. But either way, I heart them. They are pretty and sleek, yet functional. There are a few color options and I lean towards black because I have brown shoes for work. There is a shade of raspberry though that is also super pretty. And in other notes, I have the Justice song DANCE stuck in my head.


Blogger CINDYLC said...

You stated everything but your shoe size! You have a birthday coming up...I need ideas!


3:06 PM  

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