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Friday, January 12, 2007

Week end update

Remember how I said posting about guys seemed to jinx me? Well, so far it hasn't. I just thought you'd all like to know. Mike (or as Misty likes to call him "Friend of Folic Acid Man") came over the other day with pretty purple tulips for me. Aww... he's really sweet. And he puts up with my total insanity. The fact that we hang out so much sort of clouds the fact that we've only known each other about two weeks, and I forget to try to act normal for a while. So for now, the only thing jinxing me is me. I had my first day of class Thursday and I really like the professor and am doing my best to start out the semester in speaking mode. And that is my update for the week. Now I'm headed up to SU to meet about next years Homecoming, and then over to TBCH to get some video's that I'm going to use for my group session on Monday. And, if anyone ever needs this service, I have figured out how to get segments out of movies and string them together into my own dvd. I'm an evil genius and I promise to only use it for educational purposes, so to the secret government people that track everything, please don't turn me in!


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