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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Maybe it's cause Barbara and Misty were discussing the books, but I've taken to calling my dog my "hairy daughter" in a British accent so that it sounds like Harry Potter. It's hilarious. And I'd like to announce that I went to the new Ikea with Megan on Sunday, and Ikea is spantacular. I loved it. It took us about 3 hours to get through but it was worth it. We made lots of great finds. The parking lot was full, but the place is so big that it wasn't really too too bad, unless you're claustrophobic. Oh, and Barbara finally shared these pictures with me, and I had to share a few...I'd just like to say that we found these people on the street and left them there, no matter what the content may imply... ;o)

First, it's apparently not a night out with me unless I lick someone or something. Little does this guy know, I just ate a piece of pizza that I dropped on the street. Eeeew...dirty.

It wouldn't be a night out if we didn't find random Aggies (and one not random Aggie) and make them take pictures doing the SU pirate hook...ARRRR

If you give the stubborn ones a kiss, they'll join in with the hook (note how he wasn't hooking in pic #1)

Then we apparently make them hold each other like they're taking a prom photo

And I really have to say that making people from other schools do the pirate hook is an actual theme in most of the pictures me and Barbara end up with. I can't ever remember who the one with the school pride is that gets the people do to do it, but...go Bucs :o)


Blogger misty said...

Hilarious! Wish I'd been there. Who has the pics from this past Saturday?

12:38 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

You know some day I'm gonna be too old to lick random guys on the street, so you guys better enjoy it while you can :o) The ones from last Saturday are still on Barbara's camera.

6:56 AM  

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