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Friday, October 27, 2006


Long long ago in a place not so far away there was a town called Boo-ville. In Boo-ville there was a great holiday called Halloween. It was celebrated by all until the Grinch decided to steal Halloween. Now, you've heard of this Grinch, this is the less popular of his many evil doings. He had first tried to steal Christmas. . Christmas was saved by a little girl named Cindy Lou-Who. Cindy Lou-Who is the grandmother of Saffy Lou-Who, the heroine of our story. The Grinch was mad because he felt like many of the Halloween costumes looked a lot like he looked every day. He decided that if he stole Halloween it would just go away. He started by first casting a spell to make the great Halloween Queen feel not in the mood to celebrate. She put off finding a costume and planning a party, because it just wasn't exciting anymore. So he snuck down to the town of Boo-ville at the beginning of October. He stole the candy, the pumpkins, and all the costumes in town. There was something he had missed, he thought with a frown. One little toy that slept with a pup was the last thing he had to pick up. He walked very softly, but he reached for her toy he squeezed it a little too hard, and "Squeak!" it said. As if uncontrollably, Saffy jumped to her feet and grabbed the toy. She would not let go. The Grinch tried and tried and couldn't get it away. He saw how much little Saffy Lou-Who loved her Halloween toy and decided that maybe he was seeing things all wrong. Perhaps he too could enjoy Halloween. Halloween is a time for all kinds of things. Everything is accepted because there aren't many "normals" when it comes to the day. So the Grinch swiftly returned all of the Halloween booty, and removed his hex from the Halloween Queen. It was a short amount of time, but costumes were found and parties were planned all in the nick of time. On All Hallows Eve the Grinch went out to celebrate with the citzens of Boo-ville, and he didn't have to hide his differences since green hairy things are cool at Halloween. In appreciation of little Saffy Lou-Who the day was called Howl-o-ween, except as humans do, we mispronounce it as it is referred to today - Halloween.


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