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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to the topic at hand...

Halloween. So, the boxer costume arrived and my rear is apparently not intended for that costume. My butt seriously hangs out. So, as hot as that is, I'm sending it back. The other one looks to have the same problem. So...I'm either going to have to pick a different costume or just go buy some shorts and a sports bra :o) I met with Lindsay (the party is at her house) to discuss decorations. I think we have a pretty good plan going. I'm feeling a little un-excited right now, but I'm drinking my "Witches Brew" coffee that Barbara, Ebony, and Sarah got me (along with other stuff) and I have my new ghost soap prominently displayed in the bathroom so hopefully I'll get more in the mood soon. Besides that I'm trying to get some research projects done and work on studying for midterms and finding an internship. I got an interview at my top choice so hopefully this all goes in my favor. Send good karma my way.


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