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Thursday, September 21, 2006

14 minutes in the life of me

billykirkland7 (12:55:42 PM): must be nice to be at home all the time
Steph1851 (12:57:01 PM): I'm about to go to class if that makes you feel better :o)
billykirkland7 (12:57:12 PM): nope
billykirkland7 (12:57:20 PM): i get to work until 9 tonight
billykirkland7 (12:57:25 PM): 7 more hours
Steph1851 (12:57:57 PM): i'm sorry...I'm practicing for when we get married and I'm a stay at home wife :o) hee hee...just kidding
billykirkland7 (12:58:09 PM): thats more like it
billykirkland7 (12:58:13 PM): i'm proud
Steph1851 (12:58:15 PM): good
Steph1851 (1:08:07 PM): ok, now I gotta go to class so i can find a parking spot
billykirkland7 (1:08:16 PM): have fun
Steph1851 (1:08:45 PM): thanks...i'll continue my future wife practice by staying home all day tomorrow :o)
billykirkland7 (1:09:02 PM): sweet


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