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Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm almost 27 and...

I'm getting a new laptop. Mine dies every 5 minutes so it's really a necessity. I finally got my new insurance card and the prescriptions are all $10 now - yippee for me! I went home for the weekend and ate waaaay too much pizza, ice cream, cake and Mr. Pibb. And I got too little sleep because the Saffster is so excited about the yard that she wakes me up about every hour to try to get a trip out there. Finally at 4am she convinced me to take her out - just for a little bit. Crazy dog! One of my favorite friends drunk-dialed me both Friday and Saturday nights so she must have been having a fun weekend! I can't focus on my reading and I'm nervous because midterms are in 2 weeks. I need a job but I really don't want to work on weekends. But I can't work for more than a few months. What a conundrum. Anyhow, when I went home I had to clean out a bunch of stuff because of the whole parents switching custody of the house thing. Anyhow, I found a ton of old stuff that was part hilarious, part sad, and part cluttered. I did manage to bring back some costumey things though if anyone wants a grass skirt, 70's-ish jumpsuit, or a flapper dress. I went to Party Pig today to check out the Halloween selections. They have some cool stuff right now that I'm guessing gets sold out by the time most people go to costume shop so I'd reccomend getting over there now. In their ad they had strobe lights buy one get one free and I can't remember where mine is so I might get one. Then I was thinking that I'm sort of odd because I lost my strobe light. ha! And that I really want to go do something spooky on Friday the 13th - a haunted house or watch scary movies. Besides that...I can't wait until Friday when we all get to celebrate with JC. Can't go wrong there. OK, I've rambled about nothing enough and now I'm going back to trying to force myself to read.


Blogger Barbara said...

Ok- so I know that I drunk-dialed you on Friday, but did I do it on Saturday too?!?!?!? Or did you get dials from several drunks on Friday? I know I am one of your favorite friends. ;)

4:12 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Yes, you called me on Saturday night too. Apparently your dad DD'd you to Trudy's. I hope they didn't let you drink more since you were trashed at 10pm :o)

7:26 PM  

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