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Friday, November 17, 2006

I should be writing

Writing a paper that is. About drugs. Instead, I'd rather sit here and try to distinguish the smells of my different candles. And then one blew out and now it just smells like that gross blown out candle smell. Before that it was decidedly a peachy smell. I love peach. I love my tuberose candle more but it burnt out last week. Now I just get whiffs of it while I sit at my table and write my papers. Which is part of the reason that I should just go write one. I went to drop off my internship application for my supervisor to sign to day and I left her an envelope with my address, but I forgot the stupid stamp so now I'm afraid she's going to think I'm a complete idiot. Who doesn't stamp a SASE? Sigh. If the place wasn't so far and our schedules meshed and I didn't have a deadline it wouldn't have had to happen that way. I also ventured over to Half Priced Books for the first time ever and I love that place. I bought some psych books, but I also bought this cute little one called "Even God is Single" for some personal inspiration. And in case I need it, I found a book called How to Find a Husband After 35. I expect that as a 35th birthday present if I need it then. And then there was THIS little gem that is titled with the exact question I often ask myself. I would have bought it, but I didn't want to Half Priced Books people to know. Yeah, that's dumb, I know. I find all those kind of books totally interesting to read though on a counselor level at least, since I'm sure a book is not going to introduce me to the right guy. And lastly, today I found a new place to live. I really love it and I'm so excited. It's an amazing place for a great price. I can't wait to move. The only thing about this whole process is that it left me feeling slightly helpless. To explain, since I don't have a J-O-B I don't qualify for apartments. That whole "I'm a student" thing doesn't really cut it. So, Barbara had to be my guarantor. She knows I pay my rent on time since she lived with me, but I still feel like an 18 year-old that needs my parent to get me an apartment. Luckily for me Barbara is into helping this soon-to-be homeless 27 year old get affordable housing. Too bad for those people who don't have a Barbara. But still, it makes me feel more bewildered about my plight to get my Masters and how people in the "real" world don't recognize it since it doesn't earn anything. It's actually a negative earning if you will. Sigh. Well, thank you Barbara, at least I have you to help me fit-in in the real world!

And if I don't talk to you before then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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