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Friday, December 01, 2006

Ode to the Pet

I was just walking Saffy Safferson and one of my very nice neighbors pulled up beside us and told me that her dog has been missing since Monday. She said she opened the door and he ran outside and she thought he was just going to the bathroom real quick. When she followed him about 2 seconds later he was totally gone. On a lame leg at that! She is soooo upset about it, and it really makes me think about how much I appreciate my pet. I mean, who else would I talk to if the Saffy weren't here? It's just nice to have someone need you. When I see her cute puffy self on that red doggie bed licking out of her gerbil water bottle it just makes me happy. She's the silliest little dog ever and I love her. So...say a prayer, do a good luck dance, cross your fingers, send some good karma, whatever it is that you do - just hope that my neighbor finds Sammy because she's such a nice lady and she deserves it.


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