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Monday, October 22, 2007

Holy SH*T!

Pardon my French, but I just realized I have a book report due next weekend and an already full weekend and this week will be taken up by writing a paper for a Thursday class. I'm losing some sanity and when I'm overwhelmed I just want to sit here and stare at the wall. Today I made 30 bats out of construction paper for party decorations and did some other miscellaneous stuff that I had to do (besides work at the Gap) and now I am just starting to freak out. I'm sick (for real) and tired (for real) and my to-do list is seeming impossible. I'm just going to need some help and have to put a few things off and I think i can do that as soon as I figure out what....sigh... Sorry that I'm just complaining on my blog all the time, but it's a good outlet when I realize how screwed I am. I can do this...focus...breath....RUN!


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