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Monday, October 08, 2007

How do 28-year-olds spend their birthdays?

I like the number 28 so I don't mind being it. 29 and 30 will not receive the same regard I think. So, how did this birthday girl spend her birthday? I was at the Gap at 7am, then studied for an hour, then counseled someone by phone for 30 minutes, back to studying soon, then walking the dog, then counseling a new family, then going to class until 9:50. Yawn. What a way to spend the day. But I'm also getting lots of love on the email, snail mail, text messages, phone calls, facebook and myspace so all those things keep me going for the day. And of course a special thanks to all those friends that chipped in and got me an Ipod Nano to celebrate the birth of me. What an exciting present!


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