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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Put the F in Fun!

My last shift was crazy. Not as bad as some, but still high on the crazy scale. So as part of my unwinding last night Adam, September and I went to Specs for Wine Wednesday. It was crazy crowded. They said that it was a new record. There were some drunk jerks who kept trying to cut everyone. It seems that not everyone picked up on the etiquette of waiting in line for a group to go and then circling around with another group. Jerks or no jerks, it was a ton of fun. I tasted a lot of wines and found some ones that I really liked. The people working there were really helpful and nice.There were also lots of foods to try. Afterwards we went to eat at Carraba's. It was a really fun night and a good way to spend a Wednesday. Everyone should come next time if they can!


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