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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The LEclipse is Dirty!

OK, so my car is super dirty and I blame the oil change men. See, this is what happened - I was driving to the heb at lunch today and realized I was 3,000 miles overdue on an oilchange. I call the place and ask how long it would take to get one and they say 20 minutes so I head on over. Well, after the oil change and the fuel injection service they've been pestering me about since 20,000 miles it had been an hour. Then I had to go pick up some lunch. So, when I get back to work there's no spots left in the good parking lot and I have to park in the back where dirt from the construction behind my building blows onto the cars. So now, my ugly car is dirty, and it really is the oilchange mans fault!


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