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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I’m looking forward to New Years Eve and the new year. I’ve got a lot going for me this year (or at least that’s what I tell myself for motivation). I’m continuing with my Masters. My classes are Abnormal Psychology and Systems Theories (aka – family therapy). Those sound pretty interesting to me and I’m really excited about them. I even have a professor that I’ve had before and I know that her teaching style works really well for me. I’m on the Austin Humane Society’s fundraising committee now. This means that I get to help plan Barktoberfest – dogs and Halloween together, what could be more fun? And I’m on Southwestern’s Alumni Council in charge of Homecoming and Reunions. Later in January I get to go party it up with the board of trustees at their retreat in San Antonio. OK, probably not much partying is going to happen. I’m intimidated of course, because I’ll probably be the youngest there, but for all you SU alumni out there – I really want to make homecoming something fun for people our age too. I’m definitely keeping busy. And my resolutions… I definitely am making one to floss more. My dentist told me that he’s never not completed a resolution, but after he thought about it for a second he also told me that he’s never made one. So, me flossing is my resolution for him (in absentia or something like that). Another resolution is to not want as much, and do more for others. And even that is slightly selfish because it goes towards my karma. There’s nothing out there that really doesn’t benefit you, but if that’s what benefits me then I guess it’s ok. So cheers to the new year a few days early.


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