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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I’ve had it! In my apartment there’s an exhaust fan in the bathroom that turns on when you turn the light on. It’s all good and well except that I hate it! I can’t hear anything over it. And it’s worst in the morning because I like to listen to Good Morning America while I get ready. I have a 13-inch tv, but that’s still too big to be carting into the bathroom! I try to turn the tv up really loud, or use the mirror in my room, but nothing quite works as well as me ripping the fan out of the ceiling would. I really love to get the news, and the good folks on GMA are funny and delightful in the mornings. I wish I had a little portable tv that I could take in the bathroom so I wouldn’t miss Charlie, Diane, and Robin banter, and the weather guy that’s there now is pretty funny too. Instead I have to go read what happened on the Does anyone either know how to disable a bathroom exhaust fan, or have a wee tv I could borrow? Sigh…


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