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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Winter Weather Walking

Yesterday as it was sleeting I had to take my dog on her usual walk up to the front of the complex to use up her energy. She has lots of energy and sharp teeth, so when I don't do it she's just too playful, which can hurt. So, I put on two pairs of socks, a thermal, a puffy coat, a hat and gloves. She wore her harness and nothing else because she is always hot. She loved the cold weather and the sleet even - I could tell by the way she bounced around. Later that night I got a surprise visit from the rmt who braved the ice and cold to come hang out for a little while. It's always nice to know you're worth bundling up and driving on ice for. This morning Saffy tried walking on the sidewalks that were covered in ice and she just slid around. I think her feet finally got cold and for the first time ever she started directing me back in the route to the apartment. Today work is cancelled so I'm going to bake some cookies and put up a few things that I have left to unpack.


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