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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Digs

This weekend I moved into a cute little apartment of my own. My Saffy absolutely loves it. That makes me happy. She sat out on the patio all day yesterday, and took her toys out there to nap with. She wanted to go out this morning, but the 30-ish degree weather was too cold to leave the door open for her. The first day there we went out for a walk and when we got back there were 3 deer outside my door. They apparently live in the woods behind the building because I saw them again this morning. It’s sort of funny to take the dog on the walk and find deer droppings. I’ve already met two of my neighbors. Really, I don’t understand because in my old apartment we were there for a year and I only met one of my neighbors towards the end because we both had dogs. Saffy is good for making friends, but being friendly isn’t that hard. One theory I had was that this new apartment complex isn’t as fancy, and maybe the everyday working folk are just friendlier than the more well-off people. One of the women I met even told me to come by if I ever needed anything. I mean, that’s really nice. Anyhow, so in honor of being on my own again, I made a list of all the good things about my new apartment (Of course there’s bad too, but I have to think positively!)
1. I’m free to walk around unclothed whenever I want.
2. I can leave the door open for the dog to go out and not be wasting anyone else’s electricity money (I know Barbara wouldn’t have minded, but I still felt bad when I did it).
3. I can be noisy as all get-out at 6:30 am on a Saturday
4. Vacuuming at 10pm..
5. I can create crazy concoctions in the kitchen and not worry that anyone will wonder wtf I’m doing.
6. I paid the pet deposit so I can get things fixed.
7. The recycling bins are pretty much outside my door.
8. Friendly neighbors.
9. Lots of parking.
10. New furniture.
11. I can paint my walls.
12. Living on the first floor.
13. A patio that Saffy loves.
14. I think I’m the only single girl that lives alone so I get to host all the girls nights.
15. I somehow got the internet/phone bill to be cheaper when I transferred it.
16. Less traffic to and from work.
17. 5 days grace to pay rent instead of 3.
18. I live in walking distance to Melissa, Carrabbas, and PetSmart (and Rudy’s).
19. There’s a lot of lighted places to walk the Saffy at night.
20. Nobody knows when I hook-up! Just kidding – there’s no hooking up going on ;o)


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