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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Update

The weekend started slowly with me giving the dog a bath and packing some boxes on Friday night. I know, I'm pure entertainment. I also took pictures of Saffy for my phone wallpaper, which I proudly showed off Saturday at my bosses wedding. The wedding was actually a lot of fun. She put the ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony, but everything else was perfect. There was lots of wine and dancing going on, which me and my date took full advantage of. Melissa was my date by the way, and I think people now believe us to be lesbians. We aren't. We took her gifts to her house and Melissa broke one. After that I took the Saffy to see her boyfriend Oscar. Jason says she thinks she's at Club Med when she's over there because of the yard and all the dog toys. Oscar is the most patient dog in the world though because Saffy hunts for his toys - meaning she steals them away from him while he's playing. Silly dog. Today Saffy had a date with Zuni at Emma Long where she actually got to do a little hiking off of her leash. She was amazingly good and didn't take off to Mexico like I expected. In the week ahead I'll be doing a lot of packing and getting ready for our friend Thanksgiving Potluck. Not an exciting weekend, but I know everyone was dying to know what I did ;o)


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