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Monday, October 31, 2005

This is Halloween

I’m officially starting school again. I took the fall off because work was supposed to be busy and then it wasn’t. That’s a total waste of time so now I’m really focusing on school. I like my job, but at the same time why should I pause my school for a company that doesn’t even promote you unless you actually resign? The only reason I was ever promoted was because I found an opening for the job I wanted at another company and told them I was applying. I know numerous people who have turned in their resignation and then gotten counter offers and promotions. I think it’s unfair that they do that. If they want to value their employees they should make us actually feel valuable. So, I just called to have my financial aid re-instated, and I fixed my projected schedule online. In other news, it’s Halloween. I feel a tad un-Halloweeny since I’ve already partied like a rock star, but I hear there’s an Alice in Demented Land theme on 5, and a freak circus on 7 that I have to go check out. And sitting in my cube staring out the window at construction I just saw one of those big bulldozers back into a hole. It’s sort of like when people walk behind a wall like they’re going downstairs and disappear. Tonight we’re going over to Sarah’s to watch semi-scary movies. So Happy Halloween everyone! I hope yours is SpookTacular.


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