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Friday, October 28, 2005

My Sistine Chapel

In middle school I did a report on how hard it was to paint the Sistine Chapel because Michelangelo had to do it all upside down, and painting upside down is definitely not easy. Well, my Sistine Chapel is the yearly PDP. To try it out, and see my frustration I want everyone to sit down and write what they've done at work this year. Make it sound like you were exceptional, give examples, quantify your work, and whatever you do - don't use the word I. Then, know that whatever you wrote or did this year, you'll get the "met expectations" rating. See how motivational and easy that makes it. So for today, I feel Michelangelo's pain. On a funnier note - I heard someone ask a bald guy if they got a haircut, and when he said yes, they told him it looked good. WTF?!


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