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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I'm in a mood today that I don't often get in. I feel blah, and totally overwhelmed with life. I need to be cuddled. If anyone wants to come give me a hug it would be much appreciated. As much as I love Halloween, of course it stresses me out to try to plan a spooktacular party and make sure everything is taken care of. Then finding a new apartment was stressful. Luckily I had the bomb Tommy to help me find a place. If anyone needs an apartment locator I totally recommend him. Just email and tell him I sent you. He doesn't mind picky girls or crazy schedules, and he'll do all the talking for you if you just look at him when the apartment people ask a question, and he doesn't expect you to live in a run down place if you don't want to spend a lot. Anyhow, enough advertising for him. So those were my two main stresses this week, and then there's the dog's chewing problem. I don't know what to do with her. If anyone has advice on my little chew-baca (I know I spelt that wrong, I don't care) please tell me. My loving mommy looked up a few articles for me to try to help out. And my PDP (professional development plan) evaluation is due at work and I have to give a rough draft to Nicole to read by tomorrow morning and of course I haven't started because I have other stuff to do (and yes, I know I shouldn't be writing this, but I'm getting the stress out). And the PDP determines my raise for the next year so it has to be muy perfecto. Sigh. Anyhow, so if I sound crazier than normal I'm sorry. Barbara is great at dealing with it so you can ask her for tips. Basically I think she tries to help me make plans, or figure out drink formulas, or whatever I need to figure out. I'm Other tips include feeding me chocolate, alcohol, or hugs. I love my friends and I know everyone is helping me as much as they can right now so hugs to everyone. Now that I'm done being sappy, I'm going to go make credits and get the PDP done.


Blogger Sugar and Spice said...

Hey. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. )o: You'll get your PDP done. Damn our companies for making us do those...And your party is going to be FABULOUS. If I was there I would definitely go give you a hug. And give you chocolate. And Coke Zero, which I'm now addicted to, thanks. (o: As for Miss Chewbaca, you could try the humane society's webpage. They usually have good behavior articles. also has good stuff on training and on specific breeds of dogs. It says that lhasas can be snappish if they're she peeved? (o:

11:20 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Awww...Miss Chewbaca...she might be peeved because she is away from Duncan :o) Hmm...peeved, not sure. Maybe she wants me all to herself all the time? Yum, chocolate cake. I'll imagine chocolate cake and hugs :o) Thanks. And I'm almost done with the PDP. Once I focus I can achieve great things :o) THANK YOU!!!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Sugar and Spice said...

I bet she does miss you! Duncan gets all sad when we're gone too long. Silly dogs. (o: Definitely think of chocolate cake! Mmm, now I want cake...Maybe I'll mail the rest of those cheesecake bites to you. (o:

2:24 PM  

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