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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Other News

*Note, I'm taking over all the colors since Mel never writes. You'll know it's her because she's really funny and she'll probably have some sort of excuse for being a negligent blogger.

The surprise party for Barbara went exquisitely well last night. We had to wait a little longer than I thought, but we all bonded. Especially after I turned the lights out and made everyone talk by candlelight. Barbara was surprised into tears though, so it went well. The carrot cake Eb made was super tasty and the Nano was of course a hit. Thursday is the traditional Johnny Carino’s birthday happy hour, and Saturday is Chuey’s and downtown so birthday week is in full swing!

In other news, the lumps on Saffy’s neck aren’t life threatening. Just little pockets of meanness like I thought that a little antibiotic and anti-inflammatory should take care of. Meanwhile I’m just paying for her to have friends. $85 for an hour of playtime at the vet’s office. There’s nothing lots of pets and kisses won’t fix. While I was walking her yesterday some guy drove by and screamed “I LOVE YOU” – it’s nice to know I’m loved. Thanks random dude. I register for classes tonight. I’m trying to take Developmental and Abnormal. Even without the running around the gym Southwestern style to get classes it still makes me a little nervous. Oh, and get this – my company is on a firing freeze because they can’t afford severance packages. Knowing that just sort of makes me feel like doing nothing, but I swear I’m working. While I’m not writing this. Yeehaw!


Blogger Ebony said...

You'll be happy to know that there is no longer run-around-the-gym registration at SU. They've finally gotten it together to do online registaration like everyone else in the free world.

This is what we cal progress people!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Sugar and Spice said...

Wow, SU has online registration? That's just crazy talk!!

2:00 PM  

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