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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mooshie

Happy Birthday to my roommate on her 26th birthday. I wish I had a funny story for every year of Barbara’s life, but instead I’ll focus on the years after graduation since those are the years I’ve known her best. It’s odd that while in college we even sat next to each other at chapter meetings but never knew what good friends we could be. Somehow, being unleashed on the real world has made us into the best friends we are. And for the last two years - roommates. They say to never live with your best friend, but we really haven’t had problems. The first year we lived together it was in the house on Trotwood. We hated that house, but we had a lot of fun. That’s the neighborhood where the big black dog that stalked Barbara conveniently lived. That’s also the year that I broke my foot and Barbara broke her face I think. And it’s also the year that she insisted on celebrating my birthday even though I was ignoring it because I didn’t want to be 25. She baked me pumpkin bread for breakfast even. We built forts out of her bed and had many a drinking game night. Then we moved to Waters Park. We haven’t been quite as crazy in our older years, but we still have fun. It’s sort of like having a sister that you live with, but don’t fight with, which is maybe why we get along so well since we both grew up with one. We have One Tree Hill nights, and happy hours, and I’m going to miss her when our lease is up. It’ll be on to a new phase in our lives. Things will be different and still the same, but I’ll always love my Barbara. Happy Birthday Mooshie!


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