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Friday, November 18, 2005

Another one bites the dust and other funny stuff

If you read the story about the cat puking on my quilt a few blogs ago, this will make more sense to you. But, to make a long story short, cat puke on the quilt forced me to take it off the bed. I have a back-up comforter, which I had put on the bed. Yesterday when I came home from lunch I found that the cat had puked up a hairball and food onto the new comforter. I guess I’m sort of screwed now because the back-up doesn’t have a back-up. I’m going to freeze my ass off now!

Last night I was at Jason’s with Saffy. I took a burr off of her and gave it to him from Saffy to symbolize that it was cold. Get it, brrr (burr)… it’s cold in here… :o) Hee hee…I’m still laughing at my wit.

And lastly, I have a hair fan. This lady in the elevator was like WHO does your hair?! I told her that I go home to get it done. She kept raving about how good it looked and I was tempted to tell her that not only have I not had a hair cut since like, May, but that I had cut my own hair the night before in the bathroom. Maybe I should go into the hair business.


Blogger Barbara said...

When you said you had a hair fan, I immediately thought of one of those cheesy commercials where the hot chick is walking and her hair is blowing in the "wind" but really, there is just a huge fan on the set. I was confused for a second until I read further. :)

3:02 PM  

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