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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm Not Nocturnal

I’m not nocturnal but the animals are working on it. Last night I woke up to the sound of digging in the litter box. OK, normal enough I thought and rolled over to go back to sleep, which is when I discovered that the cat was on the bed. SAFFY! So I started to get up and I saw something on the floor, which I picked up. Stupid move, because it was cat poop! Saffy was apparently litter box diving for the good stuff, which she left all over my bedroom floor. So at about midnight I was up cleaning the carpet and sweeping up litter in the bathroom. I understand that it’s fun for her, but it’s painful for me, so I had to shut the door and tell the cat to hold it until morning. That all wouldn’t be so bad if the night before I hadn’t woken up and found cat vomit on the bed. And what is worse is that I found it by putting my hand in it. So I was up at 2 am cleaning vomit off of the floor and bed. And to make all matters worse, the dog thinks it’s her job to chase the cat no matter what is going on. Can I make it for one more week? I’m exhausted!


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