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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Go Home a Hero

The other night I went to the grocery store. It was my first shopping since moving so I was expecting it to be a little expensive. I went to Randalls because it was pretty much deserted. Once I got inside I discovered why - it's really freaking expensive! I've only just stopped in there before - never tried to do all my shopping there. As I walked down the aisles I started to feel panicked at how much my groceries were going to cost. Even a generic bottle of salad dressing was $2 there, and the cheap Berringer wine was $7.95 instead of $4.95. That's just ridiculous. I couldn't bear it anymore and started going backwards and putting stuff back. The $2 tortillas that were .98 cents at HEB and the small feta for $2.95 when you can buy the large for the same price at HEB. The only things I couldn't bring myself to put back were some vegetables, so I bought those to commemorate the experience and remind me to never go back. Ever. They didn't even have fresh broccoli for crying out loud! I then scuttled over to the HEB across the street, where I liked the way the layout throws you right into the groceries, and I saw two people from work. Although, I never did manage to find the eggs.


Anonymous Melissa said...

I love that Randall's! It's so nice inside, and outside I can sit under the big oak tree and enjoy my smoothie or frappucino. They also have fresh yummy soup, I never have to wait in line, it has a Starbucks, and a drive-thru pharmacy and most of all, there's something about the way they always say "Thank you Ms. Miller" that makes me feel really special, but the very best thing that keeps me going back is Kenny the greeter guy. He's so friendly- I feel like we're old pals. He even said hi to me once when I was in my car and he was walking to work. Yes I LOVE that Randall's. It is a little more expensive than HEB, but it's all about a pleasant shopping experience to me. I go to HEB if I have to get items where quality doesn't matter, but if I want beer or wine (they have the best St Arnolds selection I've seen in town) or fresh stuff, or just a few items so I have an excuse to see Kenny- it's Randall's all the way for me. I heart you Randall's.

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