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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Weekend Update

Friday night we got to check out Barbara’s new digs with a girls night at her place. Apparently we started too early because everyone was drunk by about 9. I then had to get up at 6am to take Saffy for her 7am hair and nail appointment. She was done by 10 and we drove to San Antonio to take Santa pictures with Sara and Duncan. The photos were adorable and I’ll post them as soon as they email me my copy. Sunday I did some furniture shopping with Jason, and Monday I took off from work and ran errands. I took some clothes to Buffalo Exchange and out of about 100 things they bought 4. I guess it’s something at least. Not a very exciting weekend, but next weekend I get to have a girls night at my new place. My internet at my apartment should work today so soon I’ll be writing posts from home and will have more time to work on them so hopefully they’ll be better.


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