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Monday, December 26, 2005


Christmas is another one of those things that you build up to and then it's over. It's like a wedding, or the Halloween party, or a surprise party, etc. You work on it, decorate, buy stuff, be merry, etc. and then all of a sudden it's done. I came home and unpacked - putting my new gifts in the places that would be their home, and if you don't know my apartment well enough you might not even realize that anything is new. I've found all the leftover baked goods and candy to take to work tomorrow to share in the calorie cheer, and I've made a pile of stockings and left over Christmas cards to pack up for another year. It's even 78 degrees so if all else fails that makes it feel like Christmas was months ago. To tell the truth though, even though it was a great Christmas, I'm glad to be home and back on to my routine. With the 3 cases of Pibb Zero that I picked up for myself of course. Now I'm looking forward to a weekend with friends and New Years Eve!


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