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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday is the happy day

Well, its Thursday and officially the best day of the week. One reason being that the week is almost over and the other being that nothing bad has happened to me yet today (I’m knocking on wood furiously as I type that). I made an A on the test I was worried about and in the class. Yay me! My car cost $450 to fix and when I turned on my headlights Tuesday night after class I found out that one of them is suspiciously out now. And then there’s some other less than fun stuff but I will think positively. This weekend we’re doing a girls night and it is my every intention to finally go ride my bike again too. And if it rains I’ll just ride around my apartment. I don’t have school next week so I’m looking forward to doing anything I feel like even on a whim. The freedom that most people have is highly undervalued. Maybe you are just sitting there watching TV or reading blogs but you have the opportunity to go to the store before it closes if you need or to meet friends for happy hour on a lark. I plan to fully appreciate the opportunity to do such things next week. So if someone wants to go to Top Shelf Tuesday at Trudy’s or do something all day on a Saturday I am officially free for one week. And even after that, now that it is summer and Barbara and Sarah aren’t working and Misty will be in town we can meet up for lunch sometimes and in 4 weeks I’ll be done with dog training and we can do something fun on Thursdays too. This is sort of a pep talk to myself to get me through the stress of this week, and partly a drawn out way to say that I’m ready for some summer fun!


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In addition - I just realized that I should be graduating after the summer of 08, but I have to quit working to do my practicum at the beginning of 2008, maybe fall of 2007. That's sooner than it seems!

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