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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happier Days WILL be here again!

OK, enough being depressing. Thanks to everyone who emailed me, or whatever. It really does help. I’m getting better, but it’s slow. And I know Sara pointed out that I always act happy when I’m around people so nobody may notice, which is a good point. I think that’s because I just have fun when I’m with people, so I actually am happy. And that’s a good sign that I’m not totally depressed because I can still have fun. Or maybe I’m just bipolar, I haven’t decided yet. I’m actually afraid to ask my counselor what she thinks because then I can use it as a crutch. Imagine me saying this “of COURSE I’m dancing naked in the street, that’s what bipolar people do!” just for example. I don’t really think I’m bipolar by the way. Anyhow, it actually is common for people to be more depressed in the spring. It’s because they’re depressed in the winter and they think it’s just the winter and then spring comes and they feel the same way still so they freak out and feel even worse. But I’m happy to say that I have good days now – lots of them, and I used to not.


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