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Friday, May 26, 2006

Veni Vidi Vici

A few things today. First of all, I absolutely LOVE that Gnarls Barkley song Crazy. Second, I've been super bored at work lately. Mondays are crazy, Tuesdays a little less, and then the rest of the week there's not a lot to do. I mean, I do stuff, but it's all torturously boring. I guess now that they took half my books away from the UK and someone will actually DO them there might be more work. And third, now that I'm leaving there's all this cool stuff going on here. First of all (that would be a sub 1 in section 3) we get "summer hours" and get to leave at 1 on Friday. Second, after the denim rebellion we have gained the right to wear jeans ANY day of the week that we please. ha! Take that you useless cog! That'll teach you to send an email saying we can't wear jeans except on Friday. In yo' face! Not that I didn't wear jeans on random days anyway in the hope that they would send me home. Do they really think that is a punishment? If you haven't heard of my denim rebellion just ask me. I know, they didn't change the rules because I'm a rebel, but because people like the president of the company were wearing jeans to company meetings and stuff. It just seemed like something unenforceable. And lastly (this is section 4, not another sub under section 3) this weekend is going to be awesome. Tonight is the B&Z engagement shindig, Saturday is turkey frying at Sarah's (which I'm not eating but I'd like to see how this works, and if the house catches on fire like the Progressive commercial says I'm going to laugh), and then Sunday is boating. So things are definitely looking happy (knock on wood!).


Blogger Ebony said...

I too love the "Crazy" song. When you get yourself near a cable TV try and find the vidoe on MTV/VH1 b/c it's all very psych inspired ink blobs and stuff

10:53 AM  

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