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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Free Range Ramblin's

Work has been a little slow lately. Maybe I’m lying when I say a little. It has been deathly slow. Yesterday I studied for my midterm. Which, I won’t even tell you how I think it went because I have no idea. This morning in my search for eye-patches I ended up at the Plum Party website which I have added to my links. I’ve planned half a wedding shower this morning with that website alone. Also, if anyone out there is thinking, “Stephanie needs a present” for some reason, I really like the “Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge” coffee mug. I also like the “Mine” beer bands which I’d rather buy to try to make my boy (err…are we too old to say boy now? man?) wear. I’m sure he’d love it. Right before he threw it in the trash. Just kidding. I’m sure he’d keep it somewhere to always remember how crazy I am. We’ve been working on his wily workaholic ways also. On Sunday at Barton Springs pool we ran into his old landlords (professors who rented out this garage apartment type thing to him). They actually brought up workaholism, and we had quite a good discussion about it. I guess it’s hard to deny it when a whole group of people is telling you it’s true. And anyhow, if you’re working you can’t appreciate the topless girls lying out at Barton Springs. Or, maybe instead of lying out I should say, sprawled on the side with one leg in the air doing stretches. With your Speedo wearing husband. Really people, if you don’t want tan lines go to the tanning bed. While I wouldn’t mind laying out topless myself, I also am neither an attention whore nor an exhibitionist so I’m not gonna do it in a place overflowing with kids and all kinds of random people. Maybe you just are free-spirited. Maybe I just sound conventional and boring and un-liberated here, but really people. The swimsuit top doesn’t really cover that much anyway. If you think it’s just cool because we live in Austin, well…people aren’t just cool about it. The teenage boys are staring at your nipples and I saw a guy turn his toddler away from you when he walked by. I’m sure you noticed all the staring though, and I hope you got your ego fill for the day. I know a lot of people, like Tyra, and I’ll admit it- I like her show, say that girls are bitchy when they’re jealous. I can’t pinpoint what I’d be jealous of on this one, but I did consider the option. Maybe next time I’ll just take my top off to do self-exploration on what it’s like to be wearing nothing but a swimsuit bottom in the middle of a packed public swimming area. Would you guys hang out with me if I did that?


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Hi Stephers,

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We are getting clicks from your site but people are ending up on an error page :-(

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