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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This guy does windows!

Anyone who knows my obsession with window washers will appreciate this. I was just in the elevator with one!!! OH MY GOD!! To see one up close right next to me - that was too much! I mean, seriously...if there hadn't been about 10 other people on the elevator I had a million questions to ask him. Things like, is it scary? What's the weirdest thing you've seen through a window? Do you care when people watch you? Ever thought about how funny it would be if you put on a Spiderman costume before you repelled down the building? and why are you inside? Before it was sort of like seeing someone on tv. Now, it's like when you see your teachers outside of school and realize that they're actually real. They do things besides hang outside your building (window washers, not teachers). Now that I know they're real, I looked up salary in case I ever decide to be one. Do you realize that the median on is $19,247 for dangling from a freaking building? The high range was $23,292. These guys work in the heat, they can't just get up and walk to the bathroom, and they clean your windows which most housekeepers (who make slightly more at a mean of $19,572 a year) don't do. Window washers need a raise - or at least hazard pay. But, back to the main attraction - elevator window washer man - he looked all rugged and tough with his dangling gear and his big bucket of soapy water. He looked like he was our age and he was even kind of cute. I almost had the urge to follow him up to 7 just to see what he was up to. Seriously, his life has to be so much more exciting than mine. He lives it and I just sit here and watch it from the inside. Watch out Charlie Gibson because this guy might be my new la la land crush. Swoon.


Blogger Sugar and Spice said...

I am SO jealous that you got to ride in the elevator with the windor washer!!!

9:32 AM  

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