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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

you see why my job is hard?

Designer's email:
These aren't on the server yet because I am still doing my mark-up, but here are the changes for this book....

Photo person 1:
For pages 2-3, are you sure you don't want a photo of a vortex? I'm sure Stephanie could find one...

Yeah, okay then! I should have known not to underestimate you guys!

Photo person 2
Just to be clear...which type of vortex are you looking for? I attached 2, then there's the water vortex option also...

There is also the more psychological vortex, which is far more common but
harder to photograph:
That type of vortex might imply drug use, so we probably don't want to go
Designer's email:
Give me any preferences for the type of dog if there are any.

Photo shoot coordinator:
Cool. And if we find a dog that isn't fluffy, can we change the name of the dog? (Unless we want to keep it for the irony!)

Yes, maybe a Chinese hairless dog?

Photo Shoot Coordinator
(fingers tented) Eeeeeeexcelent!!


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