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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Elixir

So a lot of you know that I don’t really get sick that much anymore. I remember getting food poisoning and horrible sinus infections the year after we graduated. And I remember getting pink-eye in both eyes the year we lived on Trotwood. Of course, all of us that lived in that house were totally sick with allergies. I had snot coming out of my eyes. They call it conjunctivitis to sound nice, but really it’s snot in your eyes. Disgusting. Anyhow, so I have a theory as to why I don’t get sick now. I have this cup that I drink water out of at work every day. So, proving that I can get dirty like my counselor told me to do (and I’ll admit it, even for a year before that) I have abstained from washing my cup. I mean, it’s just water, right? OK, I know it’s disgusting, but my theory is that there’s mold growing in the cup, which is where penicillin comes from, so I have my own antibiotic water. I think that is a totally logical theory. So a glass of mold-water a day keeps the doctor away. Wow – why didn’t I go to med school?


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