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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

I bought a new mattress set…and a bed. Ok so yes, I know that technically I shouldn’t be spending money on stuff especially since I’m quitting my job. I really think I need the mattress though. I’ve had the old one for about oh…7 years maybe. It’s kind of flat in the middle (rah! TFTF (probably a reference only Barbara will or should get)) and it squeaks like a banshee. Stop thinking dirty. It squeaks no matter WHAT you do on it. And you may think that doesn’t matter but here’s a scenario that actually happened. One time some people from school were over to work on a group project and one of them sat on my bed and said “Oh my god Stephanie!” after hearing its creaky retort. I always have to try to explain it away to new boyfriends and other visitors and frankly I hate having to defend my crappy old bed. My grandmother bought it for me ages ago and I really appreciate it, but I’m sure she just got the cheapest one. I got a pillow top that was soft, but not too soft and I really can’t wait to sleep on it. I feel like compared to what I sleep on now anything would seem like sleeping on a cloud. Of course, this will diminish my ability to sleep on anything, anywhere, but I think it’s worth the trade. Maybe the bed wasn’t necessary, but I didn’t buy a whole bedroom set like the lady kept insisting I’d be sorry if I didn’t do. I know I don’t have to justify the bed to anybody anyway. I’m excited and if anyone wants to come slumber party on my new mattress in a few weeks you’re invited. If you want the whole new bed you’ll have to wait until the end of September though because it’s backordered. Which I take to mean that I have excellent taste!


Blogger Barbara said...

Do you have a picture of it? Rah!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Nooo...I couldn't find it online! I'll go look at the # on my order slip and see if I can find it that way. Once I get home from work of course. Rah!

5:25 PM  

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