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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dynamic Duo

Sunday was the first day of my new job. Granted I've worked there before so I didn't need as much help as a brand newbie might, but they seriously sent me to the wolves. Training consisted of...well...nothing. I watched some videos that told me not much at all and then went out to the floor. At one point the store manager asked how I was doing selling the store card and I was like, well...I'm feeling a little overwhelmed so maybe when I get more used to this I can try to do that some more. I KNOW it isn't hard, but when 80% of the job is finding things on the floor and you don't know where anything is it takes you a little longer. Surprisingly, the one person who was there to help me most of the day was this little lady who speaks almost no English. We were quite the team. She refolded everything I folded and pointed me in the direction when she saw me looking lost. And I ran interference when people tried to ask her questions. I really like this lady, and I KNOW she's cool cause when she went on break she said "bye lady" and we all know that "lady" is my favorite NOLA term. So I think we're a pretty good team and that's how my first day with an eight hour shift went.


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What store are you working at?

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