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Friday, May 18, 2007

Off the Streets and on the Creeks

I recently decided to explore a system of trails behind my apartment that are apparently part of the Great Hills Park We have been going out on a daily hike for a couple of days now and she loves it. She gets to play in the water and even spend a couple minutes off of the leash each day (ahem.... I have been taking the Saffstereven though there is a strict "animals on leash" rule). It's really pretty empty and the trails and creek are an easy walk. We've seen lots of different types of wildlife too. It's interesting because Saffy seems terrified to go down this one trail and I can't quite figure it out. She hasn't been afraid of any of the wildlife we've seen so I can't imagine what it is that she's trying to avoid. Whatever it is, these hikes are a good way to get her tuckered out for a while and we'd love to have some company if anyone wants to join us!


Blogger danielle said...

i think you left out 1/2 a sentence in the beginning....

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