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Friday, February 08, 2008


The other day I started thinking about all the incredibly stupid things that kids do. Then I started thinking about all of the incredibly stupid things I've done in my life...mostly as a "kid." I thought I would share with everyone the reasons that I'm lucky to be alive still at age 28.

1. At some point in middle school I was swinging at the park with my friend Shawnette and she decided to wave down some army guys that were driving by. We decided it would be smart to get out of there, but were too slow because they went around the block and came back. They started to get out of the car (without parking, just in the middle of the street) which is the point that we decided to run the rest of the way back to my house. Luckily we lost them at the corner.

2. In high school I was at the lake with my friend Shawnette (notice a pattern forming?). We were laying out on the beach when some army guys pulled up in their boat and asked if we wanted a ride. Without hesitation we said YES! and jumped on, leaving all of our belongings on the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

3. In college I went to South Padre the weekend after spring break with my friend Shawnette. We stayed in a hotel close enough to the border to walk from it to the other side. We were driving somewhere, got lost and turned into a car wash to turn around. We saw some guys washing their car there and asked them how to get where we were going, and then asked them where to go out at night in Mexico. The guy offered to take us out that night, and we said yes which meant that we ended up driving into Mexico with some random guy that night.

This is only the beginning of the list, but all I have to say is...lucky I'm not dead, eh?


Blogger Something's Gotta Give said...

Definitely a thing for Army guys... (o:

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