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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

where oh where has stephie been?

First, last week I took the NCE, which happens to be the big bad National Counselor Examination. If you pass it you can apply for a temporary license after taking another test and paying $98. I'm on my way because I PASSED!!! When I got back to work on Wednesday my co-workers had all written me congratulations notes and decorated my desk. Unfortunately half of it got ripped down by Facility Operations because streamers are apparently a fire hazard. Only on your desk - they're ok in your trash can. I now have a party in my drawer. Don't tell anyone. They might take that away too. After that I got prepared for one other venture before hunkering down with last minute tasks for a bachelorette party (not Sarah's in case anyone asks). After loading my car for an hour and making last minute trips to Spec's and the bank to get cash for the stripper (Strippper?!) I was on my way down south. We had cheesy porn to make fun of, a home-made spa day, Passion Party, and the stripper who was cliche enough to make us all laugh. Since then I've worked two Gap stock shifts because we got in all new stuff. Some of which is pretty darn cute and any of you UT fans would be happy to know that we have t-shirts and cardigans that appear to be somewhat of a burnt orange. We have many other colors too though. So there is the breakdown of why I've been MIA. Now I'm off to wake up my cheeto who is making me biscuits and hash browns for breakfast. And he brought me flowers last night too.


Blogger danielle said...

you sound happy :)

5:56 PM  
Anonymous September said...

YAY STEPH! We should celebrate (but we can leave the strippers out) :)

8:23 AM  

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