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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dirty topics

I’m bored at work and am just in a babbley mood. Really, the only thing I’ve done in the past two days is yearly accruals, which are important but not very time consuming. And if they should be I must be either very efficient or I did it wrong. Oh well.

I live by the dumpster at my complex, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the only one. Being that there is only one dumpster for 26 buildings causes problems around times like Christmas. It was overflowing and the guys cleaned it up yesterday, and magically by this morning it is overflowing again. It’s like people come like trolls under the cover of darkness because they know they’re wrong for just throwing
their trash out there. And there’s a papasan chair sitting out by the recycle bins like someone should just sit down and admire the beauty of the overflowing dumpster. I know that a lot of people got tv’s and computer monitors for Christmas. And someone got a vacuum. And people throw things away around Christmas too – like a couch, a deep fryer, and the before mentioned papasan. It’s an interesting study in garbage. And another interesting study is that I spelled papasan wrong and Word couldn’t figure out what I meant but Google could. Google must have a chip in my brain to read my every thought. Freaky. And another disturbing topic – my dog likes to eat deer poo. Gross but true. Those little pellets of deer feces are incredibly enticing to her. Ick.


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