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Friday, February 02, 2007

Brow beating

You know where there are things you're doing that you don't mention to people because it just isn't something you think about? Well, I've got one of those. I decided to let my eyebrows grow out - to wherever they may - so that I can get them waxed by someone who isn't going to do each in a different shape. Or so that I can at least see where they go so I can do it in a more thoughtful way. It's really difficult to not pull out those random hairs that go every which-way. I just thought I'd let you know so when you think "WTF is up with her eyebrows?" you have an answer.


Anonymous Sarah said...

I've thought about doing that too. But, I guess I might be more OCD about it than you. I just cannot ignore those crazy little hairs! I think it's a very good idea, and I am envious!

8:36 AM  

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